Week two update

Hello all!!

So week two of my 12 week challenge is almost over and this week one of our focuses was “no excuses”. This was particularly difficult for me as I am a little to good a justifying my decisions to myself be it an expensive pair of heels or a whole party pack of Doritos. Β So in the spirit of ‘no excuses’ I thought I might do an accountability post. I am a full time psychology student and I also work 5 days a week. Right before week 1 started I lost someone very dear to me but I worked really hard to not fall into my old binge eating habits and even though I didn’t get to many of my workouts I kept my eating on point and actually lost some weight! Week two rolled around and due to a VERY busy study schedule with two tests and numerous assignments due I fell back into my Doritos and guacamole habit. I want to kick myself that I let university stress overtake my clean eating goals. I am now on study leave and won’t have a hectic class schedule to use as an excuse and I’m looking forward to this time to be able to work on me, and my goals. I know I can do better and I really want to do better. I set myself some very specific goals at the start of this challenge and I intend to see them through. My on going grief didn’t hold me back and I sure as heck won’t let stress hold me back any more.

From now on I want one of my focuses to be staying positive and calm, I work myself into a tizzy all too often and I become my own worst enemy. Not anymore.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!
Danielle xx


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