Clean Treats

Hello everybody!
So today I want to talk about treats. More specifically, clean treats. I have always struggled with my sweet tooth so much so that I became seriously addicted to sugar. I started getting very severe headaches if I didn’t have sugar and that was when I knew I needed help; so I turned to Sarah Wilson and her I Quit Sugar books. I think there is a real misconception about the sugar free movement and what it actually means. It does not mean depriving yourself of everything sweet but it does involve cutting out fructose which can be a very dangerous sugar when one is seriously addicted to it such as I am. I really believe in Sarah Wilson’s words when she says going cold turkey on sugar is setting ourselves up to fail. Cutting and addictive substance out all of a sudden will make the cravings that much worse and that much harder whereas if they are cut out bit by bit over a number of weeks our bodies will start to readjust until the cravings become manageable.

Today I had some major sugar cravings as it is cold and wet here and all I wanted to do was curl up in bed with a good book and a bar of chocolate, however, I stayed strong. I am sitting in my freezing office, with a blanket and a kitten to keep me warm munching on a clean and healthy treat; the I Quit Sugar’s best vegan chocolate mousse. It is simply divine. This is one of the first times I held myself back from indulging in something I know I will regret eating and something I know will not treat my body well. Go me!

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!
Danielle xx

P.s. Here’s a pic of the delicious mousse. The recipe can be found here:
2015-08-19 14.56.18


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