Things and stuff: the updated version

Hello everybody!

So it has been a long time since my last post and while I got such overwhelmingly positive feedback about my struggles and what I wrote for some reason I just did not want to write anymore. But I’m back!

Life has been hectic to say the least and I feel like I’ve been through a real journey of discovering more about me and who I want to be. I turned 22 in March, which may not seems so scary to some but to me it was a real wake up call because all of a sudden I realized, holy fuck I’m now going to be required to ADULT (sorry about the language). I’ve been living out of home for over a year now so bills and rent is nothing new to me however, over the last 6 months I feel like mentally I’ve really grown up. I no longer feel the need to go out and get drunk and party instead craving quite nights in with some tea and a good book with my kitten cuddled up. This isn’t too say I don’t enjoy the odd night out but I just do not feel like I need it every weekend anymore.

January through March were such amazing months for me with one of my best friends dragging me along (sometimes kicking and screaming) to the gym to do the 12 Week BBG by Kayla Istines. The workouts were challenging as hell and I did find the sheer workload within the workouts very difficult but having a physical challenge and a friend as motivation I enjoyed the 12 weeks so much. Some weeks were definitely better than others and I did get quite sick through the middle of the program which sucked. Four weeks into the BBG myself and the same friend, Amelia from @kitchenofamelia (check her blog out) started the #iquitsugar8wp which was the 8 week program from I Quit Sugar and I loved it so much. The knowledge I gained from this program was amazing and I find myself implementing it more and more in daily life which was exactly why I wanted to do the program in the first place.

Hopefully from now on I feel a bit more inspired to continuously write on here and to carry on with my journey.

Have a fantastic week everyone xx


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