Setting Summer Goals

Hello everyone!!

It has been absolutely crazy these last few months which only somewhat makes up for my absence on this blog!

With universityimg_20161024_182941 work having been an absolute nightmare the last semester, I felt very uninspired in other aspects of my life especially my health and fitness. I stopped going to the gym, I ate like crap and I just generally lost sight of my goals.

It is going to be my goal over summer to just tone it down a little, take it back to basics and to stop being so damn hard on myself! Instead of telling myself “I’m going to lose 5kg each week to attain my goal of 20kg weightloss in a month” I want to switch my mind set to much smaller, much more attainable goals! Setting weekly targets for myself that set me up to succeed and
not fail will be the mission over the next month or so to get me back on track and back on the path of becoming a healthier version of me.

Keep an eye out over upcoming months as I share my progress on changing my mindset, changing my bad habits and as I just share what I’m up to!

Have a good week everyone,

Danielle xx




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