I Am Company Delight Boxes Review

Hello everybody!


In August of this year, my good friend @kitchenofamelia (find her here: https://kitchenofamelia.wordpress.com/) let me know about this wonderful company called I am Co. They source healthy snacks and ingredients and put them into a subscription box that is sent out monthly. I am now up to my December box, and I’m still as happy with it as I was in August!

Each month I have been so impressed by the variety of goods in each box and the value for money! The value of the box far succeeds what I pay monthly for the subscription which makes it that much better and makes it accessible to many people including poor students (like myself!).

I don’t always love the products that are sent each month, for example, (unlike what seems like the majority of the health food community) I’m not obsessed with peanut butter in everything. So I don’t always enjoy the nut flavoured snacks, but these products still do enable me to broaden my horizons in terms of health food and give me a good indication of what I like and do not like so that I can buy full sized products knowing that they will not go to waste.

I’ve included some pictures of the boxes that I have received and the link to the I Am Co website so that you can get a small inclination of the loveliness that is the delight box!

Have a lovely weekend everybody,

Danielle xx


I Am Co: https://iamco.co.nz/


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