Weekly goals and planning

As Sunday draws to a close it means that another week has finished and it is time to plan the next. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I am somewhat OCD (and by somewhat, I mean very!) when it comes to organization and planning and so each Sunday night I sit down with a cup of tea and plan my week. Whether it is my meals, my tasks or my goals, my Sunday night ritual allows me to reflect on the week that has past and to focus on the week that is coming.

Planning my week, my meals and my goals for the week ahead

My main goal for this summer was to take it back to basics and to not be so harsh on myself; a way I have found to do this is to set myself small weekly goals that are easy to achieve thus making the road towards my main goal more positive and more fun! These weekly goals range from just one objective for the week up to about three or four small objectives. Last week’s goal was to get to bed and have lights out before midnight each night. I didn’t fully succeed in this, however, I did manage it four nights out of seven and thus have taken a big positive from this! No I didn’t achieve my goal every night but that’s okay. Being harsh on myself is not going to help so I’m just going to move forward and be better this week.

The specific mini goals I have for this week are to:

  1. Wake up early enough at least three mornings this work week (Monday-Friday) to go for a morning fat burning walk (FBW). Going for these walks in the past have allowed me to get into a really positive mental state and so I hope to achieve this week as I go into the busy Christmas period at week!
  2. Attend at least two yoga classes at the studio I attend. I always feel so invigorated after a yoga class and I really do not go enough considering I pay a weekly fee for my membership and not just per class. So, in order to make the money spent well worth it, and to also gain the physical and mental benefits from yoga I’m going to aim to attend the classes more often.

I’ll check in at the end of this week to let you all know how I go with these goals and to talk about the goals for the following week! Drop a comment and let me know what your goals for the week are!

Have a great week everyone πŸ™‚

Danielle xx


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