The JSHealth Banana Bread

Now I am not a lover of a fresh banana. In fact, my mom used to beg me to eat bananas as a child in order for me to ingest what I called, the fruit of Satan (I was a tad dramatic). However, there was always an exception to the rule of my hate of bananas; if it was banana bread or banana cake? I was there, first in line to get my helping. Hey, no one said I was normal, alright? Much to my family’s confusion if it was used in baking, I loved banana with a passion.

With my love of banana flavoured baked goods in mind, I bought a bunch of bananas a few weeks back for the express purpose of leaving them in the fruit bowl until they were almost rotten just so I could bake my beloved banana bread.

The perfect banana for baking


This morning I looked at my fruit bowl and hallelujah the bananas were finally ready for use. So, I turned to my mountain of cook books in search of the perfect healthy recipe to try and the JSHealth Banana Bread was the winner today. The recipe comes from her first book ‘The Healthy Life’ and I found it incredibly easy to follow and do, perfect for lazy Sunday morning baking. I even had to substitute a few ingredients- coconut flour instead of almond meal, brown rice malt syrup instead of stevia etc. and still the recipe worked perfectly, result! This banana bread even comes boyfriend approved, so in my eyes it’s a true winner and definitely something I recommend you trying as soon as you can!

The finished result… The perfect chocolate banana bread

Have a lovely week everyone xx


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