Challenges and Changes

So it has been a minute since I’ve talked to you all! So what’s been going on? A whole lot of nothing much. I’ve spent the last couple of months basically wandering through life aimlessly without purpose and passion.

Something had to change.

At the end of May I cancelled my gym membership at the gym I had been going to for the last 5 years and decided to switch it up with a new gym. My new gym, Flex Fitness Chartwell has a really personal touch to it where the owner already knows my name and where everyone is really friendly. The gym itself is also more of a boutique gym which is lovely because I don’t feel like I’m surrounded by tonnes of people all the time.

I also bought the Sarah’s Day 8 week Sweat it to Shred it Ebook and have set myself the challenge over the next 8 weeks to trim down and tone up for a special event! So far I’ve done one workout and let me tell you, I almost died! Over the next 8 weeks I’ll be checking in weekly to keep you up to date with my progress and also to keep myself accountable. I’ll be sharing progress pictures as well as my body measurements. What I won’t be doing is sharing my weight. Firstly because the number on the scale is not a representation of health to me, it’s not relevant and secondly, because the plan is to pick up some extra muscle over the next 8 weeks (come at me nice arms!) and so my weight is bound to be a bit all over the place!

Posting my before pictures and my measurements are incredibly difficult but I think being completely raw and open with you all will help me on this health journey. Keep checking in over the next few months to see my progress!

Front View



Back View
Side View

My measurements (in cm):

Under bust: 102

Bust: 115

Waist: 108

Love handles: 123

Hips: 128

Bum: 134

Thigh: 82


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