A week in review: Sweat it to Shred it Week 1

So week one was a bit of a fail in all honesty. I completed 2 workouts out of the possible 4 for the week and I want to kick myself a little bit. For some reason I just justified that because I was playing hockey for most of the week I would get too tired or sore if I did all my challenge workouts. Complete bullshit but it is what it is.

My eating for last week was also a bit of a roller coaster because, and this may be too much info, I got my period last Monday. I have a really bad period that sometimes leaves me in crippling pain in bed craving anything processed and fatty. So some horrible choices were definitely made. But, onwards and upwards.

With all of that being said, I did manage to lose a few cm’s around my body, mainly my waist (whooo) so it’s not all doom and gloom!

So reviewing the challenge itself so far…

I love the layout of the ebook. It’s simple and easy to follow and has a really fresh feel about it. The workouts were easy and clear to follow and the pictures helped ensure I knew exactly which exercise I needed to do (side note: if you do not have much experience with exercising or non-machine workouts it may be a good idea to google some of the exercises and watch videos on how to do them correctly). The addition of the Sezzy Timer was fantastic, and while there are still some bugs to sort out, I loved it! It made timing the whole workout a real non-issue and meant that I could just get on with it and didn’t have to fiddle my phone too much.

Another thing I also love about the workouts is that they are timed. Some of the exercises I couldn’t continually do for 30 seconds without rest and that was okay. The only person I am competing with is myself and so not feeling pressure to complete a certain amount of reps in a set time or anything was nice.

This week’s progress…

I will do a side by side comparison in week 4 halfway through the challenge of how my body is looking but for now here are this week’s shots.

As always posting pictures of my body is difficult! But I think being completely raw and open with you all will help me on this health journey. Keep checking in over the next few months to see my progress!


My Measurements (in cm’s):

Week 1 Week 2

Under bust

102 101







Love handles

123 121





134 132
Thigh 82



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