A week in review: Sweat it to Shred it Weeks Two and Three

What a time the last two weeks have been! The recap for week two and three of the program will be pretty concise as not much working out was done.  To be more precise, I did not do any workouts at all because a couple of Sundays ago I sustained a nasty head injury at hockey and was sporting a nasty black eye for a couple of weeks! So between the splitting headaches and the sometimes blurry vision exercise was not on the cards for me.

It sucks, but it is life! What I am really disappointed in though is the fact that I didn’t change how ate based off of the fact that my physical activity had gone down. For some reason I just seem to have this mental block about clean and healthy eating at the moment. I know what I should be eating to see results and I know what I should be eating to make me not feel so lethargic and sluggish however, I just can’t seem to garner enough discipline to follow through.

So for the next couple of weeks my focus is really going to be on developing some discipline and not just riding the motivation wave. Motivation isn’t going to take the piece of chocolate from my hand but discipline will stop it from reaching my hand in the first place.

Due to the fact that I didn’t complete the last two weeks, I am not going to share photos of my body or my measurements because it’s all much the same. What I am going to share a bit of is my body composition data. My gym brought someone in with a very complicated piece of machinery that measures a person’s body composition giving data on their muscle mass, fat mass and so forth. My results were pretty interesting yet still very depressing. Hopefully I can keep having these scans done monthly to really see the changes in my body that I am trying to make!

Body composition data:

Fat %: 41%

Fat Mass: 48.4kg

Muscle Mass: 66.1kg

So as you can see there is a lot of unnecessary fat on my body that I really do need to shake and there is also more than enough muscle on my body! For my height and age, the ideal fat percentage that I should be sitting at is between 21-33% and for muscle mass it should be between 39.5-50.5kg. I’m not sure how I can change my muscle mass that drastically but the goal is to get that fat percentage down over the remaining weeks of the Sweat it to Shred it 8 week guide!

If you have any questions about my journey or any of the products/programs/guides I use, please don’t hesitate to ask.




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