About me

Hi everyone!

My name is Danielle, and I am from Hamilton, NZ. I’m 22 year old Masters of Applied Psychology student who is on a journey of self discovery. My health journey has not been simple and I have tripped up many times along the way but I am confident in myself that I can get it right and life a healthier more authentic lifestyle.

I have already overcome so many things on my health journey but still have a long way to go which I will be documenting here as a way to keep myself accountable. Hopefully also featured will be some cool tips and tricks to live a more holistic life as I figure them out.

I have struggled with binge eating and bulimia as a teen and still sometimes struggle now in my early twenties. Through this blog I hope that I can help at least one person and show them that it is okay not to be 100% all the time. It’s okay to have bad days. It’s okay to ask for help. Feel free, when ever you need someone to talk to, to send me a message. I’m always here to help anyone who needs it

Danielle xx


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