My Inspirations

Deciding to completely change your lifestyle is never easy; but with the help of my family and the authors of these blogs and websites I managed to find the inspirations I needed to kick-start my journey. These lovely ladies inspire me everyday to become the healthiest and most well informed me possible.

Mckel; a registered nutritionist who has helped me learn the basics of whole living and eating.

Sarah Wilson; the author of, what has come to be my guide to living, I Quit Sugar, I Quit Sugar for Life and I Quit Sugar: Simplicious. Sarah has become a huge role model in my life and I credit her for completely changing my attitude about what I put in my body.

Liz Lamb; a fellow kiwi who has a passion for food. Why so healthy? Liz breaks down the science behind the food and explains how it affects our body.

Angela; I always find myself going to Angela’s blog to find inspiration for plant based food. Her blog is a definite must for anyone who wants to live a more holistic plant-based lifestyle.

Amelia; one of my very good friends, who unbeknownst to her has served as one of inspirations over the past two years. In a similar money situation as me (i.e. poor student) Amelia manages to find ways around this and still cook and eat extremely healthy. I often find myself trying out her recipes which are delicious every single time.